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“General Plasterboard Repairs are sure to fix it first time.”

The team at General Plasterboard Repairs are experts when it comes to repairing Plasterboard/Gyprock™.

Have you got cracks in your plasterboard/Gyprock™ due to old age? Maybe your ceiling has sagged over time or the electrician drilled the down lights in the wrong spot? Whatever the issue, don’t leave it any longer. Call us today for your free no obligation quote.

Gyprock Repairs – Cracks and sagging

Gyprock Repairs

Gyprock Repairs

If you have cracks or sagging in your plasterboard/gyprock™ ceiling General Plasterboard Repairs can fix them. When General Plasterboard Repairs assess Plasterboard / Gyprock repairs we look at long term solutions to insure the chances of cracking in the future is minimised. Maybe all you need is a control joint installed. But more than likely there is no back blocking to the plasterboard joints.

Gyprock Repairs -Holes

General Plasterboard Repairs fixes all holes no matter the size. Whether the hole was caused by water damage or damage from other trades, call us for your free no obligation free quote.

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Here is a link detailing some of the issues that may occur when dealing with plasterboard repairs

What We Do

  • Sagging Plasterboard/Gyprock™ ceilings
  • Water stained Gyprock™ ceiling repairs
  • Plasterboard water damage repairs
  • General plasterboard/Gyprock™ leaks
  • General plasterboard holes
  • Gyprock™ Ceiling and wall cracks
  • Damage Plasterboard from other tradesmen
  • Gyprock™/plasterboard Patches ( power points)
  • Sagging/dropped Garage ceiling repairs

Have you thought about

  • Claiming your repair on insurance
  • Mould treatment behind the plasterboard repair
  • Replacing the insulation not just the plasterboard

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