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Conduct and Appearance

General Plasterboard Repairs, its employees and subcontractors must at all times:

  • Address the Customer in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Attend the site dressed in uniform and in a neat and tidy manner and maintain high standards of personal hygiene.
  • Explain you are there on behalf of General Plasterboard Repairs, the purpose of the visit and what the next steps will be.
  • Leave a business card containing General Plasterboard Repairs; your contact name and phone number.
  • Don’t discuss with the Customer the terms of the Customer’s contract.
  • Ensure your Services are performed with due skill and care and in a professional, punctual and diligent manner.
  • Promptly report to General Plasterboard Repairs with any complaint made by a Customer about yourself, your conduct, or the provision of your goods or services.
  • If you are unable to make your Customer appointment time you must call the Customer as early as possible (and certainly before the expiry of the old appointment time) to make a new mutually agreeable appointment time.
  • Quality control: A customer feedback form will be provided to all customers on completion of the contracted work.

Care of Customer’s Property

  • At any time that you attend the Customer’s site you must make every effort and take all reasonable precautions to ensure that no loss or damage is caused to their home, site or personal property (including property belonging to others).
  • Damage can include any loss or physical damage from soiling, spillage, breakage or accidental action.
  • If you cause any loss or damage to the Customer’s property, you are liable for the damage or loss and must notify GPR Pty Ltd immediately and promptly repair or replace the property.

Cleaning Up and Safety

  • General Plasterboard Repairs expects that throughout the course of the repair work you will maintain the Customer’s site in a tidy and safe condition and store all construction debris and equipment safely when not in use.
  • You must remove all: construction debris from the Customer site and leave it in a tidy condition
  • Plant and equipment and dispose of rubbish, demolished or dismantled structures and surplus materials from the Customer site and leave it in a tidy condition.